administration procedures

  • The administrative aspect of our business is considered equally important to the service we are committed to. It is imperative that information is accurate, valid and reliable on the system, payroll is timeous and accurate andinvoicing is perfect.
  • The database is updated regularly and industry requirements are complied with. It is also imperative that Nyadi Healthcare Services subject itself to regular Audits and inspections by legal entities and regulatory bodies. By doing so, we ensure that we are constantly identify areas for improvement and exceed the requirements of the audits.

Most Notable of the Administration is

  • Contracts agreement with registered nursing professionals.
  • Agreements and signed costing and pricing documents.
  • Agreements and management of our risk portfolio – this includes insurance, health, safety and management of
    risk to eliminate fraud,
  • Loading of rates, deductions and benefits as well as charge parameters, client invoice requirements etc.
  • Authorization by the client for hours to be paid to the assignees prior to capture into the payroll,
  • Authorization by senior management of payments such as leave, sick leave and family responsibility leave,
  • Validation by payroll capturers that timesheets / time input is confirmed by the client,
  • Once payroll has been generated there will be validation and checks for abnormal payments and general pay slip